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Facebook Ads Campaigns

Facebook Ads are, for example, the ads displayed on Facebook, under the Sponsored tab in the right menu or those displayed in the newsfeed. Facebook Ads can also appear in Facebook Messenger, Instagram and other surprising places – Facebook are tireless in adding new and new ways of promotion, and changes in the platform happen very often.

The advantage of this type of campaign is the ability to accurately select your target audience, based on age, gender, location, interests or behavior in the online environment, as well as the ability to track the effects of promotion.

The downside is that launching and managing such a campaign, despite all the tools provided by Facebook, are time-consuming and time-consuming and resource-intensive. The platform for managing Facebook Ads campaigns is difficult to load, the instructions are not clear and often even experienced users can have surprises. In addition, the person in charge must either have programming knowledge to make various settings or have someone available to help when the situation requires it. Also, a Facebook Ads campaign requires copywriting skills, marketing knowledge, and the ease of working with a graphics program (each type of campaign requires a specific format!). 

We manage Facebook Ads campaigns for our customers and we are always up to date with the changes that have taken place, to which we adapt as we go. Our experience and daily contact with the Facebook Ads platform are useful for us – this way, we can solve in an hour what would take you much longer. Fast, efficient and affordable.

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We also offer consultancy for those with low budgets

We must mention that we do not work with small budgets, taking into account their low efficiency in outsourcing, but all those who need our experience can request personalized advice, one-on-one training and courses. Thus, our customers can learn how to grow on their own, without exceeding their available budget.

We offer integrated solutions - an efficient communication mix

Those who work with us have practically solved the problem of online communication – in addition to Facebook Ads campaigns, we also manage Google Ads campaigns, the content of our Customers’ sites, their Facebook pages, various online presences (Google MyBusiness, blogs, other social media: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc).

We also cover all the IT services you need, from computer network management to integrated campaigns (online and offline), including event communication. This means that you will not have to share working with several suppliers for the same project and that you can rely on us for complex or multidisciplinary projects, without having to waste time explaining the details of your business every time.

Given the wide range of services we offer and due to the experience we have gained, customers who step on our doorstep stay with us. Often, working with a client starts with building a site or managing a campaign, but soon a long-term collaboration begins and we end up working together on print campaigns or new projects with no connection to the original, as seen in Our portfolio.