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Hourly rates

WEBGROW addresses the need for strategic communication integrated online. So, the services we offer are varied and related to everything that means online communication, whether it is copywriting (writing texts for your site), SEO, web banners or other services you need.

Standard hourly rate:


  • All works that add up to less than 60 minutes at the end of the month are billed at the minimum standard intervention rate of 25 EUR , respectively 35 EUR / h, 45 EUR / h.
  • Unscheduled works performed in an emergency (which require work overtime, at night, on holidays and public holidays) are charged increased by 50% compared to the standard hourly rate.
  • The works scheduled with a minimum of 5 working days in advance are worked at the standard hourly rate.


* micromanagement – the activity of continuous control exercised over the smallest details of a project and over those who work (examples: “object X must be placed one pixel higher, have exactly the color Z and fixed Y pixels width / height” / “On the Opera browser, version N, a pixel can be seen on the side” / “please send me the status of the work every day at 5 pm” / “When is it ready? When is it ready? But it is ready by …? ”/“ I want it to look exactly like the X theme ”/“ I want exactly the Y animation, which I saw on site Z ”) – it charges the most because it is a time-consuming source of stress.

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    E-mail: office[at]webgrow[.]ro

    Working Hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 GMT +3

    Work requests are accepted
    between 10:00 and 16:00 GMT +3.

    For emergencies (server
    malfunctioning, viruses,
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    on our Facebook page.

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