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Hourly rates

We’re open about our price lists and this is our standard hourly rate card:

  • Occasional and conceptual graphic design (for print / web), HTML, CSS: 35 EUR / h
  • Maintenance and work on existing templates (graphic design), HTML, CSS: 25 EUR / h
  • Campaign configuration services (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.): 35 EUR / h
  • Campaign maintenance services (AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.): 25 EUR / h
  • Programming services, PHP, MySQL: 45 EUR / h
  • Any micromanaged work *: 60 EUR / h.


  • All works that add up to less than 60 minutes at the end of the month are billed at the minimum standard intervention rate of 25 EUR , respectively 35 EUR / h, 45 EUR / h.
  • Unscheduled works performed in an emergency (which require work overtime, at night, on holidays and public holidays) are charged increased by 50% compared to the standard hourly rate.
  • The works scheduled with a minimum of 5 working days in advance are worked at the standard hourly rate.


* micromanagement – the activity of continuous control exercised over the smallest details of a project and over those who work (examples: “object X must be placed one pixel higher, have exactly the color Z and fixed Y pixels width / height” / “On the Opera browser, version N, a pixel can be seen on the side” / “please send me the status of the work every day at 5 pm” / “When is it ready? When is it ready? But it is ready by …? ”/“ I want it to look exactly like the X theme ”/“ I want exactly the Y animation, which I saw on site Z ”) – it charges the most because it is a time-consuming source of stress.