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Website construction

What is the construction of a website?

Building a website is just the first step in the process of developing an online business and consists of a series of web design and web development operations.

Although the sites differ depending on the complexity, type (presentation site, virtual store, portal, etc.) and depending on the number of pages, what all sites have in common is the need for customization and functionality.

Whether you need a site that simply presents your business, or you want to expand your activity in real life and online, your site must be made taking into account your specific requirements, business features and the preferences you have. For this reason, we create customized sites and pay due attention to each project. This means that we will visually and structurally adapt the site to your needs.

Making the site is a complex process

Creating a site involves a great deal of attention to detail and the development of a unified, easy-to-navigate architecture. The site administration platform must be intuitive and flexible to allow further changes and the implementation of new modules, as time passes and the site must perform new functions.

What you need to know about our services

WEBGROW addresses the need for strategic communication integrated in the Romanian online. So, the services we offer you are varied and related to everything that means online communication, whether it is copywriting, SEO, web banners or any other services you need.

We are, first of all, communicators

Web development is just a small part of everything we do to grow and maintain the sites we build. More important than the technical details behind the platform are the ideas and information transmitted, the structuring and organization of the relevant content, as well as the many ways of promotion and positioning that we have at our disposal; all this determines the quality of your site and, implicitly, the success of your business and really contributes to the user experience and your visibility in search engines.

The solutions we offer and our creativity combine several directions in communication

We cover all the services needed for communication – from computer network management, to integrated campaigns (online and offline), including communication for events. This means that you will not have to share working with several suppliers for the same project and that you can rely on us for complex or multidisciplinary projects.

Given the wide range of services we offer and due to the experience we have gained, customers who step on our doorstep stay with us. Many times, the collaboration with a client starts from the construction of a site, but soon a long-term collaboration begins and we end up working together on print campaigns or new projects without any connection with the initial one, as seen in our Portfolio.

We also offer consultancy for those with low budgets

We must mention that we do not work with small budgets, taking into account their low efficiency in outsourcing, but all those who need our experience can request personalized advice, one-on-one training and courses. Thus, our customers can learn how to grow on their own, without exceeding their available budget.