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Working policy

WEBGROW’s work policy is simple – the basic rules that apply are mutual trust and common sense. However, because these notions may seem vague, we decided that this page is necessary to ensure a smooth work process, from which everyone involved benefits.

How we work and what is billed:

  • Fixed price works, which are the subject of an offer or contract with a fixed value, are carried out linearly, not circularly, in the form of stages, which are, in exactly this order:
    1. Design or brief (for low budget works),
    2. Graphic theme (selection or design from scratch, depending on the contract),
    3. Implementation works according to the offer / contract,
    4. Testing and reporting of any details to be remedied,
    5. Delivery, by remedying the reported details and making the final settings.
  • We can work in a circular way, with unlimited feedback stages and returns on previous stages, only under the conditions of hourly pricing. There is no unlimited feedback for value-added projects!
  • Only two feedback sessions per development stage are included in the offered / contracted price, and the additional feedbacks compared to the two included are charged at the standard hourly price. We may decide not to charge additional feedback, but this decision is at our discretion and is a bonus, not a contractual right of the Customer.

Payment for services:

  • We accept only two unannounced delays in the payment of issued proforms.

  • We expect you to agree with the idea that the work must be paid for, and the requests you make, unless we have expressly agreed otherwise to the contrary, attract invoices whose value is represented by the time needed to resolve the requests you had and the standard hourly rate.

  • If paying for work is something that may come as a surprise to you, please ask how much an intervention costs before you ask for it or look for a service provider who agrees to work on pay terms that suit you best

Contact methods and working hours:

  • WEBGROW’s working hours are 10:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday. The rest of the time, we are in free time. However, given the specifics we have, we keep open the messenger communication channels, Facebook page, etc. and respond to emergencies. Emergencies are: server errors, computer attacks. A new idea for the site or flyer at 22:20 on Sunday is not an emergency and can wait until Monday.

  • Please send requests by e-mail. We cannot be held responsible for any omissions in responding to requests made on Facebook or other similar media.

  • Please note that the work of all our clients is scheduled at least 5 days in advance and take into account the minimum number of days required for a work before requesting it. The work required from today to tomorrow can sometimes be done, but there are situations in which we have to prioritize the appointments already made or to allocate extra time, outside the working hours, to solve your urgent request. Thus, urgent works, ordered from one day to another, which require hours worked overtime, will be charged at a price 50% higher than the standard hourly rate.

  • Small maintenance work, which does not exceed a requirement of one hour of work, does not require prior appointment; they can be ordered overnight, although our goal is to honor such requests as soon as possible, delivery may not be possible immediately, in which case you will be contacted to arrange a convenient delivery time.

Standard hourly rate:

  • Print / web graphics, HTML, CSS : 35 € / h

  • Graphic maintenance print / web graphics, HTML, CSS: 25 € / h

  • Campaign configuration / management / maintenance services (AdWords, Facebook Ads etc): 25 € / h

  • Programming, PHP, MySQL: 35 € / h

  • Micromanagement type changes *: 60 € / h


  • All works that add up to less than 60 minutes at the end of the month are billed at the minimum standard intervention rate of 25 euros, respectively 35 euros / h.

  • Unscheduled works performed in an emergency (which require work overtime, at night, on holidays and public holidays) are charged increased by 50% compared to the standard hourly rate.

  • The works scheduled with a minimum of 5 working days in advance are worked at the standard hourly rate.

* micromanagement – the activity of continuous control exercised over the smallest details of a project and over those who work (examples: “object X must be placed one pixel higher, have exactly the color Z and fixed Y pixels width / height” or “On the Opera browser, version N, you see a pixel on the side” or “please send me the status of the work every day at 5 pm”) – is charged at maximum because it is a source of time-consuming stress.