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Logo Design

Logo design - a little more than that

“Logo design” – we search this service on Google. In fact, we do what is called branding, a process that includes the creation and design of a logo and other graphic elements specific to the brand that will represent your company or products or services.

What is a logo?

The logo is a visual element used to identify a company, a product, or a certain range of products, composed of graphic elements and / or letters.

To be effective, the logo must be easy to recognize, easy to remember and symbolically represent an essential aspect. The logo is often associated with a slogan.

From the perspective of marketing strategy, designing a logo is only the first step in the larger process of branding and building an identity.

What is the branding process?

The branding process is the sum of the actions you take to define your activity / services / products.

This process starts with the business idea and choosing the right name. Branding also includes establishing a visual / graphic identity: logo, colors, graphic symbols, fonts.

Sometimes it is necessary to develop a brand manual (identity manual). This is a document like a book or a brochure that can be sent online or printed. Here are listed with details and explanations the fonts, colors and distances allowed, typescripts, inscribed materials, etc. To make subsequent creative work easier, the manual also presents the philosophy, vision and mission of the company or product, the target audiences and more.

How is the logo design done?

The logo should look good on both a light and dark background. Usually several variants are made, and the client chooses the idea he prefers.

Logo design, although it may seem very simple, is actually the most complicated.

The simplicity of a logo requires reducing all known information about the company and its products to the most characteristic detail. Sometimes you can come up with a suitable logo from the first, with a little luck and a lot of inspiration. At other times, however, the creative process can be laborious and full of difficulties, and the logo can go through countless changes and returns until it meets all the requirements.

What you need to know about our services

WEBGROW addresses the need for strategic communication integrated in the Romanian online. So, the services we offer you are varied and related to everything that means online communication, whether it’s copywriting, SEO, web banners or any other services you need.

Our services creatively cover all communication needs

Logo design is just one of the services you can call on us with confidence. From integrated campaigns (online and offline) to the graphics needed for events, you can rely on us. As seen in the Portfolio, our clients request various services and materials from us, both online and offline.

We also offer consulting for those on a budget

All those who need our experience can request personalized advice and personalized one-on-one training sessions. We can teach you in a relatively short time to cover your own simple needs for graphics and illustration, so that you do not exhaust your budget.

However, for logo design it is better to use us.

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